Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae

Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae
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PRO-MIX HP MYCORRHIZAE™ is a high porosity peat-based growing medium ideal for water sensitive crops, rooting cutting and/or low-light growing conditions that contains a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices). These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize the root systems working in symbiosis with plants. It benefits the plant by increasing water and nutrients acquisition (especially Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc). This symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant, results in an overall improved plant growth PRO-MIX BX MYCORRHIZAE™ is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants.

Features High perlite, peat-based growing medium High drainage capacity Designed for water sensitive crops Ideal for low-light and high humidity growing conditions Contains MYCORRHIZAE™mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices)

Benefits** Faster drainage cycle versus general purpose, peat-based mixes Well suited for low-light and high-humidity growing conditions Reduces overwatering risk Reduces incidence of water-related problems (root diseases, algae and fungus gnats) Retains less water for improved leaching of fertilizer salts during crop cycle MYCORRHIZAE™ improves overall growth of plants and increases yields of flowers/fruits

**Benefits may vary among plant species and cultivars.

Ingredients Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (65-75% by volume) Perlite - horticultural grade Dolomitic and Calcitic limestone (pH adjuster) Wetting Agent Mycorrhizae – endomycorrhizal innoculum (Glomus intraradices)

Learn more about Mycorrhizae: MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI: THE BASICS Mycorrhiza is a term that describes the mutualistic, symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots. Although there are more, the two largest classifications of mycorrhizal fungi are endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae, which are characterized by their structures. ENDO AND ECTO: TWO LETTERS DIFFERENCE, TWO VERY DIFFERENT RESULTS Endomycorrhizal fungi produce thin filaments (called hyphae) that penetrate the cell walls of plant roots forming an extension of the plant root system. Endos benefit the majority of vegetables, floriculture crops, grasses, shrubs, some trees and are most important for commercial greenhouse growers. Ectomycorrhizal fungi form plant associations without penetrating root cell walls and form relationships with the majority of conifers, some hardwood species. Ectos provide no benefits for the majority of greenhouse crops. PROVEN AND DOCUMENTED RESULTS: THE ONLY MYCORRHIZAE YOU SHOULD WANT By far, the greatest amount of independent research data and documented plant benefits are for Glomus intraradices. This is the genus and species of Endomycorrhizal fungi you will find in PRO-MIX products. It colonizes and provides the best growth enhancement for the majority of seed producing and soft tissue plants around the world. Glomus intraradices provides the best results for greenhouse crops, herbaceous plants and some woody ornamentals. THE HIGHEST STANDARDS IN PRODUCTION METHODS At Premier Tech Horticulture, our production methods are unique and the most advanced in the field. The endomycorrhizal fungi we use are produced in our laboratories in an aseptic culture assuring you of a pathogens free product. Endomycorrhizal fungi used by most growing media producers are grown on plant root systems, produced in a pot, harvested and chopped-up and used as inoculum. This type of culture can include harmful root-disease organisms that can inoculate your plants. At Premier Tech we have been culturing endomycorrhizae for over 20 years. We produce the purest form of high-quality tech grade mycorrhizal fungi. In fact, Premier Tech is the largest commercial producer of endomycorrhizal fungi in the world! BENEFITS* • More efficient acquisition of water and nutrients. • Increased resistance to stresses and plant survival related to transplanting, nutrition and drought. • Increased crop vigor, plant quality and quantity of flowers/fruits * Benefits may vary among different plant species and cultivars.