Grow Flow Expansion Kit, 6 pots, 2 Gal

Grow Flow Expansion Kit, 6 pots, 2 Gal
Item# gfe6

Product Description

This expansion kit supports our Grow Flow Ebb and Gro Controller unit. Maximize the performance of that system by adding six more buckets through this pack. These buckets work with all ebb and flow controllers, so you can augment whatever setup you've already got in place or are thinking of adding to your grow room.

With multiple kits, your growing knows little bounds! Expand your ebb & flow system up to 48 plant sites on one control unit - depending on reservoir size - control unit and reservoir sold separately.


6 - Outer buckets 6 - Inner buckets 5 - 1/2" barbed tee connectors 1 - 1/2" barbed elbow 6 - Screen fittings 6 - Rubber washers 1 - 25' roll of 1/2" tubing

Features •Centered drain fitting minimizes standing water •Unique aeration channels for improved root health

*A control unit and reservoir (sold separately) are required to use this expansion pack