Active Air 13" X 12" Carbon Filter - No Flange

Active Air 13" X 12" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Item# ac13d12

Product Description

Active Air -Filters offer features and performance that rival the competition - but at a value price. All filters are maintenance free and feature long-lasting activated virgin charcoal that keeps your air odor-free. ACTIVE AIR-FILTERS FEATURE:

•Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel •Changeable Velcro pre-filter to collect dust and airborne particles •Shrink wrap to protect the charcoal and keep the filter clean •High grade activated charcoal to guarantee maximum odor control •Large surface areas and 2.5" thick carbon bed results in optimum odor control and maximum efficiency. •No maintenance required •Charcoal is carefully packed to insure a consistent and even air flow throughout the carbon bed for a full usage of the filter and its durability •Over boxed in corrugated cardboard to protect the filter

Recommended airflow: - 100 CFM Minimum - 200 CFM Maximum

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I setup my exhaust fan to blow into my carbon filter as opposed to having it pull through it?

A: You may do this, however it is important to pre-filter the air before pushing it into the filter. If you choose to setup your filter this way, remove the pre-filter from the outside of the carbon filter and fabricate to fit before or after the fan. This way the air will be cleaned of larger debris before passing through the carbon, thus prolonging the life of the filter.